Thursday, June 6, 2013

Vintage Planisphere Map of the Old World

The map of the old world, before Florida was Invented

This is an early map, created in 1502, just when discoveries of the New World were being made. Not much was known about the exotic lands to the West of Europe. This map, called the CANTINO PLANISPHERE, was actually only the second known chart to show the New World.

Take a look up on the upper left side of the map -- you can see just a tip of a peninsula coming down from the corner. The land just north of Cuba. That's where Florida would be, only Florida wasn't discovered yet. Florida had not officially been discovered at the time this map was created, although it was obvious there must have been rumors, or at least unofficial visitors to the North of Cuba, or how else would the mapmaker know to place a long peninsula at the very spot? The Cantino Planisphere map, made from six glued parchment sheets, is in the Biblioteca in Modena, Italy, and is in good condition.

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