Friday, February 15, 2013

Vintage palm reading hand map - the language of palmistry

We're proud to announce that our product shown below, a vintage palm reading map, received the Zazzle Best Design award in 2012. 

This palm reading guide is a vintage map of the hand -- it's for fortune tellers who look at the lines in your hand and tell you your future. This palm map is actually an image from an antique book from 1902 called "Popular Amusements for Indoors and out of doors." The section is called "The Language of the Hand and what it reveals". It says, "Palmistry is divided into two technical sciences, known as chirognomy and chiromancy. Chirognomy is the science of determining individual traits and hereditary tendencies by studying the shape and pose of the hand. Chiromancy is the science of determining the acquired characteristics of a person, foretelling events, etc, by the study of the lines and markings to be found in the palm of the hand."

A palmistry practitioner reads palms. Those Victorians were very clever illustrators. This is a vintage palm reading scientific illustration for Victorians parlor games. The map of the hand is the real deal -- from the Mount of Venus to will, logic, love, sympathy, to resistance, courage, and the plain of mars with is apparently temper. Everything you wanted to know about yourself can be told in the palm of your hand.

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