Friday, December 6, 2013

Christmas Art for Victorians!

Victorian Christmas Chocolate Advertising Art

I love a beautiful Victorian Christmas.

The Victorian art era was full of magazine illustraitons showing old-fashioned red-cheeked children ready to decorate the Christmas tree and playing in the snow.

The most magic time of year, Christmas was awesome for people in the 1800s, and the art at that time celebrated the incredible joy they had over this season. While many of the poorer families could only give their children a small token, those in the upper classes showered their children with gifts, much like they do today. The Victorian advertising art back then really played up the wonderful time of year -- they illustrated beautiful chubby children who loved the season! And, of course, Santa Claus!

The vintage illustratiuon is based on a magazine advertisement by Bakers Cocoa and Chocolate, showing a beautiful illustration of a Christmas basket stuffed full of chocolate. The old father with the top hat is carrying his red-hooded child, who is holding her Christmas goodies in the basket.

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