Monday, June 17, 2013

Steinlen's French Rooster Cocorico

Theophile Steinlen's Cocorico Rooster

This wonderful French Rooster is a gorgeous cover of Cocorico from 1899. The very graphic design by Theophile Steinlen shows a black rooster with a bright red comb on top of its head and red wattles under its chin. The Cockerel Rooster's beak is wide open, crowing loudly. All around the bottom is Art Nouveau lettering in French, with large lettering that says "Cocorico," underneath of which include several names and "Paris."

About the artist Theophile Steinlen

Theophile Steinlen is a famous artist from Paris, France (1859 – 1923). Steinlen was one of the defining illustrators in Montmartre, Paris where he created posters of cabarets and music hall performers. He was well known for his signature cat illustrations and posters, but this rooster is a stunning representation of other animals Steinlen would draw for his commercial assignments. Steinlen created hundreds of art nouveau illustrations for French magazines.

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