Friday, April 19, 2013

Vintage Circus Procession - Art for Children's books

Circus Parade Art 

The early days of children's books showcased everything that a child wold love, and the Victorian art world was often enhanced by these talented book illustrators. While not all book illustrations were great, this image of a Circus Procession was one of the many illustrations that was successful.

In the Victorian days, circuses were preceded by a big parade to announce their arrival in town. These parades would attract crowds, and the by-standers would follow the parade to the circus grounds, where the performers would set up the show.

Circuses included elephants, following each other by holding on to each others' tails. Wagons were pulled by horses and camels. Lions and tigers often had their own wagons. People and animals alike would wear exotic costumes. Posters were placed along the parade routes to announce the circus was in town. Eventually, by the late 1800s, these parades grew to be miles long, with hundreds of performers, horses, elephants and animal cages in the circus procession. Circus processions could take hours to wind their way through cities along their parade route.

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